24Hour Monitoring

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24Hour Monitoring

CALL NOW: (307) 763-9090

From monitoring the perimeter of your home or business to being able to see who locked the door or checking to see that the kids got home from school. We can provide you with a locally installed DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (Network Video Recorder) which allows you to locally and remotely view your camera system and look through previous days footage.

The cameras we use are rated for indoor or outdoor use and can be installed openly or discreetly. They also offer high-quality color with built-in night vision so your image won’t be compromised in the dark. We use IP cameras which allow us to only use one hard wired ethernet wire per camera. Working with industry standard cameras and equipment, D.B. Smart Homes & Security can give you an extra set of eyes on your home or business.

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

The high quality cameras we use are indoor/outdoor rated for use no matter what the conditions. Night vision equipped up to 100 feet and a wide view lens. Other options include: PTZ, Dome, and black.

Live Remote View

No matter where you are, you have the convenience of viewing your camera system in the palm of your hand with the free smartphone app. You can also be set up to receive notifications should an object pass in the view of a camera.

Remote Playback

If for any reason you need to review your recorded footage from any of your cameras, you can do so through the free smartphone app. This allows you to save video clips or still pictures to your device to share as required.

Multiple Camera Options

Depending on your requirements and surveillance needs, we can scale your custom set-up starting with one camera and add multiple cameras depending on your needs. A suitable Network Video Recorder (NVR) would be chosen to accommodate the number of cameras you require.

Commercial & Residential

With remote app live view, you can keep an eye on staff, making sure things are being done, even whist you’re not there. Plus with playback you can go back to an earlier date should something need checking.

Any Specification

Whether you want to watch the whole perimeter of your home or business, or just watch a certain area or door, we can discuss with you your security needs and requirements.

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